Next year’s final exams will to be held in May-June: Shafqat Mahmood

Federal Minister for Education and vocational training Shafqat Mehmood on Thursday said that the next year s final exams will be held in May-June 2022 in accordance with the syllabus which will be completed during the current academic year.

The examinations will be held in May-June while A and O level examinations will also be held as per their schedule, he said adding that the coordination mechanism will also be set up at the secretaries level to further enhance cooperation between the federation and the provinces.

He was talking to media after the 33rd Inter-Provincial Education Ministers  Conference hosted by Sindh at a local hotel in Karachi.

The minister said, it was decided that the syllabus being taught this year would be completed and the examinations would be held in accordance with the complete syllabus.

He said last year all the educational boards had decided to take the exam of only optional subjects due to the bad conditions because of COVID-19 pandemic.

He said the inter-provincial conference of provincial education ministers, in which the chairman of the federal board and all the provincial education ministers were present, decided that the examinations would be held in May-June and would be in accordance with the complete syllabus.

He said the Coronavirus pandemic is under control so the academic year would now return to normal.

Federal Minister said the federal government has started a program across the country especially for the education of girls to increase their presence in schools.

He said, one of the weaknesses in the field of education was that there was no authentic data available, adding discussions were held to create an authoritative data organization.

He said, there was also a discussion on how we could improve our authoritative data collection process.

The minister said it was also decided to improve the federal and provincial coordination.

“Basically, my analysis has always been that education is above politics and education is important for a country, so we all have to work together for education”, the minister concluded.

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