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Nicolle Wallace Makes Terrifying Prediction On Air After Trump’s Gag Order Request

MSNBC‘s Nicolle Wallace warned that “shit is about to hit the fan” after special prosecutor Jack Smith asked for a silence order ban the former president donald trump of public statements that he claims could pose a “serious and substantial” danger in his Jan. 6 case.

“I’m going to say something that people say in private all the time and not very often on television: Something really bad is going to happen,” Wallace told guest Charlie Sykes on Friday’s edition of “Deadline: White House.” .

His comments came after Smith, in a federal court filing, cited “derogatory and inflammatory messages” directed at the court, prosecutors, witnesses and potential jurors. He stated that Trump is aware that he “inspires others to perpetrate threats and harassment against his targets” through his attacks.

The presenter also pointed out a Fox News interview on Friday where he complained to the network “had to deviate“due to a man’s threats to New York City democrats.

“(Everyone) knows that we are getting into something horrible and that no one will do anything,” he added.

“I refuse to believe that nothing can be done. These are people who get their information, in part because of the vacuum created by people with… I don’t even know if we call it a backbone anymore. That could be an insult to the thorns.”

He later asked Sykes what he would like to tell his grandchildren “when something happens.”

“Where are all the Republicans who still have small followings in the cesspool that is the MAGA base?” Wallace asked.

Sykes noted “all the red lights flashing about what’s about to happen” before applauding Smith’s move as “very important.”

“This is not just one test among others. Donald Trump is not just one accused among others. “This is a former president of the United States who is willing to unleash the furies, who is willing to stoke violence, to tell people to come because he will be crazy,” Sykes said.

He went on to argue: “What happens in 2024 could be horrible. “It is probably horrible and all the people who allowed it, rationalized it and looked the other way should be held accountable in some way, at least on their conscience, if not politically.”

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