‘No traffic law was violated’: Gandapur responds to criticism over son’s viral video

Federal Minister Ali Amin Gandapur speaks to the media. Photo: File

Federal Minister for Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan Affairs, Ali Amin Gandapur on Tuesday lashed out at people who were criticising him over a video of his son that went viral on social media.

A couple of days ago, a video of the federal minister sitting on the passenger seat of the car while his son drives it, went viral on Twitter. People lashed out at the minister for allegedly louting traffic regulations which forbid a minor from driving the car.

The minister took to Twitter to answer journalist Mansoor Khan, saying traffic laws apply on roads, motorways and highways. Gandapur said his son was driving the car on fields owned by him.

“Firstly traffic law applies on roads, highways or motorways so no law is violated, upgrade your knowledge. Secondly, it’s my own land, my own vehicle, and my own son. Thirdly, grow up Mr Mansoor Ali Khan and others who negatively commented and mind your own business,” said the minister.

Gandapur sits beside underage son who drives a car

In the video, Gandapur can be seen sitting on the passenger seat and recording a video of the boy, who is driving the car.

Under-age driving is illegal as per Pakistani law and only those who are aged 18 years and above can apply for a driving licence.

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