NYCs speed limiter trial leaves the EU in the dust

Late last week, the City of New York announced a revolutionary way to curb the problem of speeding using speed limiters. It’s not only a first for the city, but a massive upgrade on efforts rolled out this year in Europe. 

As part of a new six-month pilot program, 50 city fleet vehicles are fitted with active intelligent speed assistance (ISA), which restricts a vehicle’s maximum speed, preventing it from exceeding local speed limits.

If successful, the City of New York will extend the initiative across the City’s entire 30,000 vehicle fleet, which includes fire engines, police cars, sanitation trucks, street pavers, and passenger vehicles, spread across 60 agencies. 

What is a speed limiter, and how does it work?

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A speed limiter (also called a speed governor or Intelligent Speed Assistant) is designed to prevent a vehicle’s speed from exceeding a certain threshold.  

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