Oberwerk’s BT-XL-ED binocular telescopes bring nature’s best of night and day

Your telescope probably spends too much time in the closet, not gathering starlight. I know. It’s bulky, heavy; an inconvenient shape. It’s not always easy to find the motivation to haul it out and set it up. Once you do, you have to convince friends and family members to contort their bodies, cocking their heads to the eyepiece, closing one eye just to see something. Your scope is locked on a target, so your guests can’t really do their own exploring. And most telescopes don’t give you a right-side-up image; they’re useless for investigating all the fascinating faraway sights of Earth during the day.

What if your main observing tool was more compact — more comfortable to use, more fun during the day and more intuitive to point, yet as clear and sharp as the best telescope? And what if you could use both your eyes instead of only one, giving you deep 3D vision during the day and twice as much starlight at night?

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