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‘Oh Wow!’ Stephen Colbert Spots Most Awkward Moment Of Trump’s Fox News Coverage

“One thing I was not expecting was the universal review of his speech,” Colbert said, then summed up the reaction with a single sing-song word: “Booooriiiiing!”

The “Late Show” host said Trump seemed “disinterested, low-energy and frankly spent. That mob’s going to have to change their chant to ‘Wake him up! Wake him up!’”

The most unexpected part of Trump’s announcement wasn’t in the speech itself but the coverage of it. Even the usually friendly territory of Fox News seemed bored by the event and cut away from it as Trump rambled.

“Oh wow!” Colbert said after playing the footage. “That has real ‘Stop grandpa’s toast at the wedding energy.’”

See more in his Wednesday night monologue:

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