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Over 100,000 vaccinated in Delhi till date; frontline workers too get jabs

The total number of people vaccinated against COVID-19 till date in Delhi, majority of them being healthcare workers, has crossed the one lakh-mark, officials said on Saturday.

On Saturday, over 9,500 beneficiaries were given the shots, including frontline workers. The turnout was about 53 per cent.

“The target was 17,900 and 9,510 people got vaccinated, with AEFI (adverse events following immunisation) in nine persons,” a senior official said.

On Friday, more than 9,200 healthcare workers had received COVID-19 vaccine shots in in the third week of the inoculation drive, with a turnout of more than 50 per cent.

“The count of total number of people vaccinated against COVID-19 so far has crossed 1,00,000-mark,” a senior official said.

Vaccination of frontline workers has also started, he said.

District Magistrates of several districts like South West, North, North West, East and West have come forward to get themselves vaccinated and set an example, officials said.

Several police personnel have also come forward to get vaccinated, they said.

The district administrators have sought to inspire confidence in the general public regarding the safety and efficacy of the vaccine, a senior official said.

Sources on Friday had said vaccination would begin for frontline workers too from Saturday onwards. Frontline workers include, police, civil defence staff, DJB and electricity department employees, among others.

After the arrival of the vaccine, first doses of it were administered to healthcare workers on priority.

Also, the number of scheduled days, from initially being four days — Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday — have now been extended to six days a week Monday to Saturday, the officials said.

After sluggish start — the exercise was kicked off on January 16 — the inoculation drive had picked up pace in the last several days.

The targeted number for vaccination on February 5 was 18,400, officials said. The turnout was about 50 per cent.

“On Friday, 9,216 people were administered vaccine, and AEFI (adverse events following immunisation) was reported in 12 persons,” a senior official of the Health Department said.

On Thursday, 9,494 healthcare workers had got the jabs, with a turnout of about 51 per cent.

Under the nationwide mega vaccination drive launched on January 16, a total of 4,319 (53 per cent) health workers, against a target of 8,117, were administered the shots at 81 centres across the city on day one.

On the second scheduled day, the figures had stood at 3,598 (44 per cent of the target). The sharp fall had come after one severe and 50 minor adverse effect cases were reported on the opening day of the vaccination drive.

The count on third scheduled day was higher at 4,936 beneficiaries (48 per cent).

The district-wise distribution of total 9 AEFI cases on Saturday were — Central (4), East Delhi (1), New Delhi (0), North Delhi (1), North East Delhi (1), North West Delhi (0), Shahdara (1), South Delhi (1), South East Delhi (0), South West Delhi (0) and West Delhi (0), according to the data shared by authorities.

With low turnout of healthcare workers on first two days of the COVID-19 vaccination drive, Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain had said the exercise is voluntary and a matter of “personal decision” for people whether to get a shot or not, but all efforts are being made to boost their confidence.

He had reiterated that it is a voluntary exercise and people are making their own decisions, as it’s the initial phase.

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