Over 80% of Indians believe lockdown needed to hold the spread of Covid-19

Rapidly rising cases since the ended last week have made everyone jittery. People, who were inclining towards reopening of the economy, are now again favouring a – even if partially.

The latest survey by LocalCircles conducted over 16,000 people in 221 districts in the country show, 82 per cent of Indians now believe that complete or partial needed in districts, where cases are growing steadily. While 23 per cent said such areas need to be lockdown completely, 59 per cent favoured for a partial lockdown with all public places shut. Some 14 per cent respondents, however, opposed the idea of another lockdown.

With new positive cases increasing by over 11,000 per day and the poor state of the health infrastructure, people believe a complete month of lockdown needs to be implemented in the top 15 high virus affected districts.

In the survey, 74 per cent voted in favour of a total lockdown in the worst-hit areas. According to people, only essential goods and services should be allowed to move in these districts, while activities including opening offices and non-essential factories must be kept shut.

Interestingly, the share of people in favour of such a lockdown had come down in mid-May and people were supportive of relaxations in high virus load districts. While in mid-May only 45 per cent had supported the idea of another lockdown, by end-May the share rose to 72 per cent.

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