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Pakistan doesn’t want to be part of any camp’s politics: FM Qureshi

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said on Wednesday that Pakistan doesn’t want to be part of any camp’s politics.

He stated that the US invited Pakistan to Summit for Democracy but, “I don’t think by not attending the summit will deteriorate relationship between the countries.”

The minster said Pakistan wants good relations with the United States, adding that Pakistan did not refuse to attend the summit at the request of anyone.

Qureshi said that Pakistan does not want to be a part of any camp’s politics and itself decided not to attend the summit, adding that Washington has said it wants Islamabad to attend the next summit.

He went on to say that our relations with China are stronger than ever, adding that Beijing has always been a staunch supporter of Pakistan s position and Beijing represented Pakistan at the Security Council meeting.

He said during the pandemic, China helped Pakistan with the vaccine and has also assisted us in the balance of payments. “We have neither joined any camp not intend to go to any camp.”

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