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Pakistan v England: first Test, day five – live

Key events

73rd over: Pakistan 242-5 (Azhar 31, Salman 21) Stokes returns for another. He finds the edge of Salman’s blade but the ball heads straight down into the turf and rolls away for four. Stokes lets out a pained growl. He has to bowl an extra ball too as he oversteps off the last. 101 runs needed for Pakistan.

72nd over: Pakistan 236-5 (Azhar 31, Salman 16) Anderson continues and he beats the edge for the third time in as many overs. Salman counter punches though, leaning on a full ball to pick up a welcome boundary for Pakistan. The pressure cooker just ramps up a notch.

71st over: Pakistan 220-5 (Azhar 30, Salman 11) Stokes continues, sticking two fingers up to the fabled ‘red zone’. He’s into his tenth consecutive over. “It’s one of those bone shattering spells from Stokes” notes Mike Atherton on Sky. Pakistan need 112 runs to win and England need five wickets. The new ball is due in eight overs but this old ball is currently doing a little bit. It is so well poised, there’s about two hours left in this utterly absorbing contest.

70th over: Pakistan 228-5 (Azhar 29, Salman 10) So close from Anderson! He sends down another princely maiden full of twenty years of experience. With the final ball he gets an iota of zip away and goes past the edge of Azhar’s loose prod, a cigarillo paper away from the breakthrough.

69th over: Pakistan 228-5 (Azhar 29, Salman 10) Stokes sends down another over, stretching every sinew and grunting with effort. He jumps wide on the crease to try and offer something different, Azhar suddenly looks a little twitchy but he shovels a full ball into the leg side to pick up three runs. The target is now 115 runs.

Feeling tense? If you can manage to stop chewing the old fingernails for a few seconds then do get in touch via email or on Twitter.

68th over: Pakistan 224-5 (Azhar 26, Salman 9) James Anderson comes on to replace Robinson. He is miserly, just a single off the over. Nasser Hussain on the tv comms thinks play will go on until 4:45pm local time, about two hours and twenty five minutes from now. These two sides are teetering on the knife edge, will one of them tumble off? Stokes is coming back for more…

67th over: Pakistan 223-5 (Azhar 26, Salman 8) Thanks Tanya and hello everyone. Exciting this isn’t it! Stokes continues into his eighth over, he’s in one of those moods but might just be starting to flag as he serves up a full toss that is stroked through the covers for four by Azhar Ali. Pakistan need 120 more to win. England need five wickets.

66th over: Pakistan 217-5 ( Azhar 21, Salman 7) target 343 Robinson fires down a short one which flies intimidatingly over Azhar’s shoulder. He picks up three, before Salman leaves the last which passes with a scowl over the stumps.Robinson running in as strong as ever here, which will delight the England management. He said last summer that he’d become a gym bunny, and all that hard work is showing.

“Heartwarming to wake up to the sight of ‘c Jennings b Robinson’ on the scorecard,” writes Kimberley Thonger.

“Robinson, as elderly fans of the Jennings series of books by Anthony Buckeridge will recall, was the Linbury School oddjob man. His nickname (Old Pyjamas/Old Robbo) is regarded by those in the know as a pun on the nightwatchman’s nickname of Old Nightie (a shortening of nightgown).

“You’re welcome.”

And with everything bubbling to a rolling boil, the teams take drinks. Time for me to hand over to Jim Wallace, who will take you through to the England win/loss/draw/tie. Bye!

65th over: Pakistan 214-5 ( Azhar 18, Salman 7) target 343 A dreamy delivery from Stokes which swings by Salman’s outside edge as he fences inelegantly. Pope scoops at the last. And beaten again! Pressure starting to build as the ball reverse-swings. Stokes in demi-god mode. The new ball hovers on the horizon – England will probably have to throw in a few overs of spin to get there.

64th over: Pakistan 212-5 ( Azhar 18, Salman 5) target 343 Robinson again, Azhar jimmies him away with a puff of dust and a flurry of ankle for two.

63rd over: Pakistan 210-5 ( Azhar 16, Salman 5) target 343 Azhar tucks into a boundary off Stokes; Salman is breath away from an edge. Cricket giveth, cricket taketh away.

62nd over: Pakistan 205-5 ( Azhar 11, Salman 5) target 343 The target falls below 140, but Pakistan are on their last recognised pair of batters. Saud Shakeel will curse himself for that shot, reaching for the unnecessary drive. Vindication of Stokes’ bowling change and field placings. Salman off the mark with a four to third man, and Pakistan gratefully pocket a no-ball from Robinson.

WICKET! Saud Shakeel c Jennings b Robinson 76 (Pakistan 198-5)

A shorter ball from Robinson and Shakeel can’t resist the drive, beautifully caught by Jennings diving to his right at short cover. Stokes’ attacking field does the trick!

61st over: Pakistan 197-4 (Shakeel 76, Azhar 10) target 343 So nearly, so nearly! Azhar angles the bat and sends one shooting between the two slips off Stokes. England’s fielders bring their hands to their heads in unison. Really good point on TMS about how someone like Azhar has spent so much of his career playing in front of empty grounds in the Middle East.

59th over: Pakistan 191-4 (Shakeel 76, Azhar 4) target 343 A loose ball at last from Anderson, too full for a yorker, and Shakeel’s eyes light up as he sends it spinning down to the fine leg boundary.

”Useless stat of the day,” writes Mark Coward modestly. “In the 1st innings, Pakistan’s last 7 wickets put on 166 runs. If they repeat that in the 2nd innings, it’ll be a tie.”

58th over: Pakistan 186-4 (Shakeel 72, Azhar 3) target 343 Stokes’ face pinks gently with exertion. Azhar is playing slightly gingerly, still feeling the hand injury. He finds a single, and Shakeel a couple more, but the fizz has gone with Rizwan’s departure.

58th over: Pakistan 183-4 (Shakeel 70, Azhar 2) target 343 As colours emerge from the darkness outside my window, Anderson reels through another over of immaculate accuracy. Azhar picks up a single with a pull.

This, this! The fortune-telling fish position. Gorgeous dog too.

57th over: Pakistan 182-4 (Shakeel 70, Azhar 1) target 343 Stokes again, Azhar steals a single off the fifth and Shakeel cuts the sixth, a wide one, just past gully for four.

Charles Sheldrick: “At the end of day two I expressed my doubts over the chances of England winning. Big score quickly, good fun and all that but wait until both sides have batted etc etc. I thought it was heading for a draw, wouldn’t get much past lunch on day four, handshake between the Captains and move on.

”This is crazy, a sporting declaration and good batting from the home team now mean the draw is off the table. I see another record for England…. largest 1st innings score to go on to lose.

”In my 45 years following England we have never had a boring tour of Pakistan and this one is shaping up nicely.

”Must get up now all this lying about in bed won’t get the diving kit washed….. our 68 minutes in the sea off Thurlston last night was a bit like following England, we were swept one way then the other, impossible to see too far ahead so even though I have been there before it was a series of surprises, some good, some less so.”

That sounds cold and slightly terrifying.

56th over: Pakistan 176-4 (Shakeel 65, Azhar 0) target 343 Perfection from Anderson, as wounded soldier Azhar Ali returns. He gingerly plays out the rest of the over.

“I’ve consulted my own Christmas cracker fortune telling fish,” taps Steve Hudson, before Rizwan’s departure, “and it was quite firmly that England win this easily with Jimmy taking four wickets. “But the pitch still seems very flat!”, I expostulated. “I know, but Jimmy will get reverse and the pressure will tell on an inexperienced Pakistan middle/late order” replied the fish firmly.

The new Paul the Octopus.

WICKET! Rizwan c Pope b Anderson 46 (Pakistan 176-4)

Classic Anderson! England make the vital breakthrough and the pendulum swings again, back to the blue corner. Rizwan can’t resist being drawn into the stroke and gets a breath of bat on ball, which flies through to Pope.

55th over: Pakistan 176-3 (Shakeel 65, Rizwan 46) target 343 Stokes again, a couple to Shakeel.

54th over: Pakistan 173-3 (Shakeel 63, Rizwan 46) target 343 It’s Anderson at the other end, which is no surprise, he was almost impossible to get away this morning. And as I write that, Rizwan counters, balance on his toes, through mid-off for four. Next ball flies off Rizwan but safe.

In the small hours, England women chalked up an easy victory in Antigua.

England’s bowlers ran roughshod over the West Indies’ tail en route to a 142-run victory, after Nat Sciver had led the way at the first ODI in Antigua https://t.co/5FralSBqcD

— Guardian sport (@guardian_sport) December 5, 2022

Afternoon session

53rd over: Pakistan 169-3 (Shakeel 63, Rizwan 42) target 343 And Stokes it is, immediately finding some reverse swing. He purses his lips in excitement and sends down a maiden.

“Hello from Karachi, Tanya.” Hello Kamilia Shamsie! “I’ve just arrived from London so it’s both morning and afternoon for me. I’m entertaining myself during the lunch break by toggling between Karachi and London on my weather app (London: 5 degrees and cloudy, Karachi: 27 degrees and sunny, since you ask.)“

I think you might be the right end of the toggle.

As the players re-take the field, Guy Hornsby sums things up nicely:

This is right on a knife edge, isn’t it @tjaldred? A crucial partnership, likely around 3 runs an over needed from around 60 overs. But a wicket or two and it could turn around. This is what Test cricket is all about. And we wouldn’t be here without England’s runs & declaration.

— Guy Hornsby (@GuyHornsby) December 5, 2022

Much confusion about the fortune-telling fish:

“As with Out of Africa, always something new on the OBO. I’ve never come across a fortune-telling fish in a cracker; are they a plastic or metal item? And which brand of crackers?” All brands, John Starbuck, all brands.

Alistair Connor too:

“Surrealist poetry from the 48th over : The dog turns over on the sofa and sticks all four legs in the air – like the red fortune telling fish you get in Christmas crackers.

“A bit of UK-specific Christmas lore no doubt, hard to parse for me, but reminds me of a book in my father’s library : « Old Fourlegs », about the coelecanth, a deep-ocean fish which was thought at the time (1950s I guess) to be the ancestor or cousin of all us four-legged land dwellers.

A bit random, but it’s early Monday morning.”

I’m bewildered, hasn’t everyone opened a fortune-telling fish alongside a miniature sewing kit or a plastic magnifying glass? There is no such thing in the Guardian picture library, but this is what I mean.

Pakistan’s session despite England’s grip on the first hour with the wicket of Imam ul Haq and the strangulation of Pakistan’s run scoring. But, after drinks, Rizwan, in particular, came to life, and England’s spinners proved relatively easy pickings. Four and a half -ish runs an over needed for Pakistan, a couple of wickets to transform the game for England. Time for me to make some coffee and chivvy the kids. Back shortly.

Lunch: Pakistan 169-3 need 174 to win

52nd over: Pakistan 169-3 (Shakeel 63, Rizwan 42) target 343 Half way through the over, Pope pulls on the helmet and creeps up to the stumps. Pakistan are content with a single, the newspaper arrives, and so does lunch.

51st over: Pakistan 168-3 (Shakeel 62, Rizwan 42) target 343 Leach replaces Jacks in the hope of a breakthrough – and he nearly gets it! Rizwan charges and lofts the ball just over the despairing Will Jacks at extra cover. No matter, the next delivery is lofted haughtily for six. And the last cut by the wily, light-footed, Rizwan for four more.

50th over: Pakistan 156-3 (Shakeel 62, Rizwan 30) target 343 An inside edge pops up off Shakeel’s bat onto the pad and loops invitingly in the air but there is no fielder waiting. Anderson stalks away.

49th over: Pakistan 155-3 (Shakeel 62, Rizwan 29) target 343 Jacks replaces Root, and a couple of leg byes bring up the Pakistan 150. Then Shakeel sweeps from outside leg and the ball flies across the turf for four. Pakistan are just a finger stretch away from lunch.

48th over: Pakistan 149-3 (Shakeel 58, Rizwan 29) target 343 Jimmy returns with the ball he doesn’t fancy in hand. The dog turns over on the sofa and sticks all four legs in the air – like the red fortune telling fish you get in Christmas crackers. Rizwan plays out a maiden, though makes an uneasy chop last ball.

47th over: Pakistan 149-3 (Shakeel 58, Rizwan 29) target 343 Rizwan picks up a run round the corner off Root. And another, as the commentators discuss how the pitches don’t break up on the fifth day in Pakistan as they do in other parts of Asia, and that spin is not therefore as effective.

Cheering news from Alistair Connor. “Pretty pink dawn has shown up in a clear sky in Lyon, she can’t be far from Manchester.

“I’m on the 7am shift this week, I wish the cricket could last until Friday.”

46th over: Pakistan 147-3 (Shakeel 56, Rizwan 28) target 343 Pakistan pick up three runs, relatively easy pickings off Leach at the moment. The camera pans around the ground, where the stands are filling up.

45th over: Pakistan 144-3 (Shakeel 55, Rizwan 27) target 343 A dolly from Root first ball is swept by Shakeel down to the rope, followed by a single with an outside edge. The crowd are waking up as the game comes alive.

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