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Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Sunday that Pakistan will continue to achieve economic growth in the days to come as he termed the process gradual and one that would take time.

“The Almighty has passed us successfully from a difficult phase and now the country will continue to progress in the same way,” he said.

The premier’s remarks came as he addressed citizens’ calls during a live broadcast session today.

“No one thought that we would achieve the growth rate of nearly 4 per cent. In fact, according to several independent experts, we may even surpass this growth rate,” he maintained.

PM Imran further said that the incumbent government faced unprecedented issues and challenges.

Ring Road scam

“I was informed the new alignment of the Ring Road project was done to benefit the powerful. We will have the results of the entire inquiry in two weeks and we will then take action,” the premier said. 

He added that, “The original alignment of Ring Road will be restored and we are beginning to work on it immediately.”

PDM protest

To a question, the premier said, “The PDM can never succeed in its plan as they have only come together to rid themselves of the corruption cases registered against them through blackmailing.”

“If they stood for the nation, then considering the difficult circumstances the nation has been through, they would have toppled us.”

“But they [PDM] have their personal interests and they think that people will agree to their notion again.”

Kashmir and Palestine issues

Responding to a citizen, PM stated, “If Pakistan revives its relations with India [without the former giving Occupied Kashmir its rightful status back] it would be similar to turning our back on the Kashmiris.”

“We stand with the Kashmiris and we are aware about their sacrifices. We can’t improve trade ties with India at the price of the Kashmiris’ blood.”

“However, if they [India] go back to the August 5 state [regarding Kashmir] then we can talk to them.”

“On the model of Kashmir, Palestine’s demography has also been changed through illegal settlements.”

He said the only resolution to the Palestine issue was a two-state solution, and global awareness will ensure that.

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