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Pakistani program wins UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize 2023 for empowering nomadic children

The impact of the THLN Mobile Schools Program goes far beyond literacy. Empower isolated nomadic children with an understanding and a positive attitude towards the society and nation at large that they will soon become a part of. More than 4,000 Bakarwal students have learned to read and write, having a significant impact on a community struggling for cultural and economic survival. The Mother Tongue Based (MTB)/Multilingual Education (MLE) model enables Bakarwal communities to stabilize their economic position and cultural identity while confidently interacting with the majority cultures around them. Despite being located in remote locations with no electricity or internet access, THLN uses offline recordings and solar-powered equipment to deliver education. They are also exploring app-based solutions for future technological advancements. THLN actively invites all interested Bakarwal communities to join its mobile school programme, ensuring inclusion in remote and underserved areas. The program integrates literacy skills with broader issues such as environmental awareness, social justice, and cultural understanding, preparing students to navigate a rapidly changing society.

The true success of the THLN Mobile Schools Program lies in the transformative impact it has had on individuals and communities. Ghulam Qadir, a community member, expressed how the program enabled his children to access education without giving up their nomadic lifestyle. Shazia, a young student turned teacher, keeps alive the dream of education for her community, ensuring a better future for all. THLN Supervisor Muhammad Nazir highlights the bright future of the female students who will play a crucial role in educating future generations.

As THLN moves forward, it has set ambitious goals, including increasing enrollment by 50%, developing portable and digitized literacy and numeracy components, launching a “Master Teacher” development program, and piloting the program in neighboring countries. .

In International Literacy Day, THLN sends a powerful message of encouragement. They thank their supporters and partners for making their dream come true and urge us all to work together for a better future. Their commitment to promoting education for all, especially through mother tongue education, inspires us to strive for a world where every child has the opportunity to learn and thrive.

THLN’s Mobile School Program demonstrates that education can truly transform lives, communities, and societies. It is a testament to what can be achieved when innovation, dedication and a commitment to preserving culture and heritage come together to create lasting change.

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