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Passenger plane comes under fire at an airport in Myanmar’s Kayah State

A Myanmar National Airways (MNA) passenger plane came under gunfire as it was  landing at Kayah State’s Loikaw Airport on Friday morning. One passenger was hurt in the shooting and his condition is currently unknown according to a man named Thai, a local resident who spoke to RFA this morning. 

Images went viral on Facebook showing a bloody seat with some pieces of tissue paper and bandage. There was also what looked like a bullet hole in the plane’s floor.

According to a report issued by the Military Council shortly after the incident, the Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP) and the Karenni regional People’s Defense Force shot at the MNA plane. The report said the plane was carrying 63 passengers and was hit as it flew at an altitude of about 3,500 feet (1 kilometer) at 8:45 this morning as it was descending to touch down at Loikaw Airport. The report said the middle of the plane was hit and a passenger’s right cheek was struck by bullets.

Khu Reedu, a spokesperson for the Karenni National Defense Force (KNDF), declined to comment on the shooting of the plane or the military council’s statement.

MNA said that all flights to Loikaw have been indefinitely postponed in the wake of the shooting.

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