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People sing Nigerian man’s praises after he returns mistaken R90k deposit

A Nigerian man has received high praises after he headed online to share how he returned money that was deposited into his account by accident. In his post, the man shares how he returned the cash because it did not belong to him. A lot of people prayed blessings into his life while others called him a fool for returning what could have been his blessing.

Man returns money that was sent to him by accident

Not many people would return a large amount of money that was deposited into their account by accident. One Nigerian man is not one of those people.

Last year July, Julius Eze received R90 000 or (N2.5m) deposited in three parts into his bank account. He quickly realised it must have been a mistake because he was not expecting the cash from anyone.

Taking to Facebook a few days after the money was deposited, he shared screenshots of the notifications he received when the money was coming in. He also promised to send the money back to its rightful owner.

“I dey bank! It’s not my money. Late Friday evening and early Saturday morning, I received alert totaling N2.5m into my access account, few hours later I was able to trace the owner.”

“Contacted him and asked him for his details so I can pay in the money today, after due questions and investigations which confirmed the money belonged to him. I will update you with alert screenshot when the money is pulled out! Thanks for staying with me!” he wrote in the post.

The net loves to see it

He received a lot of comments from people who were surprised to see that there were still good people left in the world. Some people however found his actions unbelievable and expressed this in the comments section.

Nerisa Allen said:

“Your own 2.5 million is coming.”

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