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Perspective | Praise for the airport shower

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The juxtaposition of words. “airport” and “shower” do not automatically instill confidence or confer the promise of satisfaction. However, like caviar and French fries, certain seemingly incongruous combinations offer even more magic because they may seem unexpected at first glance.

The airport shower is a bastion of joy in a world where air travel is devoid of it, and as a frequent practice indulging in its mysterious methods, it has served as an invaluable crutch to get through those dreary airport doldrums. It is a steaming, soapy Excalibur that protects from the evils that lurk beyond the closed door of your personal room.

Now repeat it one more time: personal camera. Privacy. Unless you have a Gulfstream waiting on the tarmac, the mere notion of personal space at the airport doesn’t exist when maneuvering the logistics of international travel. At least an airport shower offers this pure joy, a literal door to the world beyond, a few precious minutes that no one can intrude on.

The only argument against the airport shower is put forward by those who have never participated: the belief that it must be, at best, utilitarian and, at worst, unhealthy, perhaps reminiscent of a school locker room. secondary school without comforts or conveniences. This could not be further from the truth. Almost every airport waiting room The shower I have taken has been in a cozy and comfortable environment, with plenty of towels and toiletries at hand, and enough space to open the suitcase and find a change of clothes.

Airport lounges are less exclusive. Not everyone is happy with that.

While they are an admitted privilege, they are also more common than you think and can be found in almost all lounges at major international airports. The easiest way to enter is to have access to the lounge, which is a benefit enjoyed with airline status or credit card benefits. Many lounges also offer the ability to purchase single-day access, ensuring that the pleasures of a hot shower and the life reset button it provides are available even when you haven’t planned ahead.

Queuing for a shower at the airport is much more civilized than belly to the bar and fight through a crowd of three in a desperate attempt to get a beer or a cocktail. The most common system today is electronic, which allows you to secure a spot by filling out a digital form or using a kiosk and then receiving an email or text message when it’s your turn. It’s your chance to be the center of attention. And if, like me, you’re a steadfast person who doesn’t get up early even in the best of circumstances, it’s your time to (rise and) shine.

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Let the shower wash away any physical pain and mental anguish you endured during those 12 hours. Red eye before embarking on the next six-hour connection. Strengthen yourself for the dangers that await you outside those doors. You may not be invincible, but by putting on the armor of a new outfit and a new perspective, you will have the strength to move forward as the bold traveling warrior that you are. You’ll feel energized with the renewed vigor and strong spirit you need to get through that impending flight delay or crying boy or intrusion into your corner room.

The airport shower is not just an opportunity to clean yourself. It’s an ointment for the soul: an all-in-one solution for a hard day’s travel. If you know it, you know it.

Jake Emen is a freelance travel, food and drink journalist. Follow him on Twitter:@ManTalkFood.

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