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PIA plane leasing company turns out to be Indian

The owner and director of company that leased plane to Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) turn out to be Indian nationals with office located in Dubai.

According to spokesperson of PIA, attorney of the airline is already present in Kuala Lumpur and all documents regarding the case have been sent to Malaysia.

On the other hand, the passengers of the Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) seized aircraft in Malaysia will arrive in Pakistan today via Dubai.

118 will reach Islamabad airport today at 11 pm through flight no EK-614 while, 54 more passengers will be brought back through flight no QR-632 at 1:40 am via Doha.

The staff of the PIA is taking care of the stranded passengers in Dubai and Doha, said the spokespersons and added that breakfast was also presented to the passengers.

It is important to mention here that Malaysian authorities on Friday have seized Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Boeing 777 over being defaulter of lease payment.

According to details, the plane was taken into custody on court’s order at Kuala Lumpur airport with passengers on board.

It is to be mentioned here that the PIA plane was taken on lease from a Vietnamese company in 2015.

The national flag carrier’s spokesman said that the matter is under hearing at British court. We are trying to resolve the issue at government level, he assured.

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