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Pit bull giving dad his “daily dose” of kisses in bed melts hearts

When this dog owner woke up he might not have been expecting quite so much affection, but his adorable pit bull couldn’t help but pin him down and smother him with kisses to start the day.

Skyla Ray the pit bull, who gets called Skye by her owners, was filmed surprising her owner with plenty of kisses in the morning before he could even get out of bed. While Skye holds her owner’s face down with her paw, she covers his face in kisses as she was keen to show her love. Her owner looks somewhat less than impressed however as he was trying to lie in bed without disturbance.

The sweet moment was shared on TikTok to Skye’s dedicated account, @skyetheblue_ and it has already amassed 384,000 views at the time of writing. With a caption over the video reading “Just giving dad his daily dose of pitty kisses,” it’s hard not to be delighted by Skye’s precious temperament.

Stock image of a dog licking a man’s face. A TikTok video showing the adorable way a pit bull wakes her owner up has gone viral.
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While many dog owners will be very familiar with being woken up by a dog’s kisses, they might not be aware of the reasons why dogs do it. According to PetMD, it’s a common puppy behavior they’ve inherited from their wolf ancestors who used to lick the mouths of adults in the pack.

PetMD also notes that most dogs have continued this practice as a way to get attention, food or just to show their undeniable affection. So even though Skye might wake her owners up by doing this, at least she’s doing it for a good reason.

Although this loving behavior has earned Skye plenty of followers on TikTok, face-licking is something that many vets recommend discouraging in their pets. Abdul Basit Javed, small animal veterinarian and writer, spoke to Newsweek about the possible negative effects of dogs licking their owners.

Javed told Newsweek: “In general, it is not harmful when dogs lick their owners to show affection. However, it is best to discourage this behavior. The saliva from dogs can contain disease-causing germs which can lead to serious infections in humans, particularly those with compromised immunity.”

As it’s so common for dogs to sniff and lick places that their owners would probably prefer they didn’t, Javed refers to their mouths as “a breeding ground for bacteria,” and if a dog kisses an open wound on their owner that could lead to infection.

“Excessive licking can also cause skin irritation in owners. It is recommended to discourage licking behavior in dogs, especially if children and elderly people are present in the home due to their weaker immunity,” Javed explained.

With more than 500 comments on the video since being shared on January 26, most people seem in agreement at how sweet and loving Skye is. One user commented on the video: “Pitty kisses are the best”, and another infatuated person wrote: “I would get nothing done…ever!”

“I’m embarrassed at how many times I’ve watched and laughed,” wrote another TikTok user.

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