A plane crash in Florida on Tuesday has resulted in multiple deaths, according to early reports.

Twitter page Florida Police Scanner said that there was a crash at Calhoun County Airport on Tuesday afternoon.

“2 possibly 3 have died after a plane crash at Calhoun County Airport earlier this afternoon,” the tweet said.

“Another was listed as critical. The plane was a personal plane with 4 adults on board.”

In a follow up tweet, the Twitter page said that the Calhoun County Sheriff, Glenn H. Kimbrel had named the individuals involved in the crash.

“Sheriff Kimbrel confirming Tuesday night that Steve Mears Junior and Lieutenant William ‘Randy’ McCroan died in that crash,” the tweet said.

“The sheriff said Lieutenant McCroan worked as a school resource officer and helicopter pilot for the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office.”

In another tweet, the twitter page said the other two passengers were in a critical condition. They also said that Sheriff Kimbrel said that it is unclear if Lieutenant McCroan was piloting the plane when it crashed.

Newsweek has contacted the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office for comment.

This is an ongoing story.

Stock image of a small plane. A plane crash in Florida’s Calhoun County Airport may have resulted in dead passengers, according to the Florida Police Scanner Twitter page.
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