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‘PM Imran Khan should focus more on vaccines, less on speeches’

PML-Q leader Chaudhry Pervez Elahi on Sunday reportedly remarked that instead of making speeches, PM Imran Khan should direct his efforts towards procuring vaccines for people.

His remarks, reported by a private news channel, were in response to a message to the nation by the premier, whereby he appealed to them to follow coronavirus safety precautions in view of an intensifying third wave of the pandemic.

The prime minister had said he fears that the peaks the country may see may be “worse than the first two peaks”.

Elahi was said by the television channel to have expressed concern that there are surges in coronavirus cases being recorded daily, and Pakistan, compared to other countries in the region, is lagging behind the most in terms of vaccinations.

He also reportedly spoke of the government’s failure to control prices of essential commodities, saying that with the amount of inflation Pakistan is witnessing today, it has “become difficult for people to manage even two meals a day”.

The PML-Q leader was also quoted by the channel as saying that if the people are not provided immediate relief, “the PTI-led government will find itself in a pickle in the next election”.

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