PM Imran’s claim of economic growth far from reality: Bilawal | The Express Tribune


Chairperson Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Friday criticised the government and said the convicted ‘prime minister of Raiwind’ was sent abroad and then the government claimes that this is the new Pakistan in which NROs are not given. 

“An opposition leader from Punjab gets bail while an opposition leader from Sindh continues to appear in the courts,” Bilawal said while referring to the case registered against PPP leader Khursheed Shah.

“Would you make a fool of the masses again,” he asked adding, “PPP isn’t intimidated by your threats and accountability. We have faith in the power of the masses and they will hold you accountable for treatment [meted out to them].”

The PPP chief went on to add that the incumbent government has proved to be a torment for the people. “PTI’s tenure witnessed the highest rate of joblessness as people battled inflation and poverty.”

“His remarks show that he has no link with the common man, Bilawal said referring to PM Imran’s statement that the economy was doing better than before and added that the “premier and his team don’t care about commoners.”

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“If the circumstances are improving, why is the PM asking the Arab countries and the IMF for money.”

“Hard times are over for premier and his team [but] the selected PM doesn’t even know what people are going through,” PPP chief said.

Regarding the forthcoming budget, he said, “the statements of the premier and his spokespersons are far from reality, so are the claims of [economic] growth.”

“These people do not know the actual situation of the economy; we reject the IMF budget,” he stated.

Bilawal reiterated that a political retaliation is being carried out under the garb of accountability, and there were dual systems of justice.

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