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PM Modi has changed the country’s political culture: BJP’s JP Nadda

Before 2014, was associated with wrong attributes, but today the Prime Minister the political culture of the country has changed, President JP Nadda said on Sunday.

JP Nadda was addressing the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) Youth Parliament in Tamil Nadu, via videoconference.

Addressing the event, Nadda said, “Modi Ji has changed the political culture of India. I call on the youth to go to every corner of the country and tell everyone about the change PM Modi has brought to Indian politics”.

“Before 2014, our country was one of the most corrupt, political paralysis, backward, walking on its knees, those were the attributes that were given to . Today, our country has welcomed a great transformation. Under PM Modi, it is one of the leading countries in giving directions to the world,” he added.

He The president said events like these will increase youth participation in affairs.

“I am glad to meet the nation’s youth through video conferencing. I congratulate Tejasvi Surya and Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha on this National Youth Parliament. Youth participation will increase in the nation’s affairs through this Parliament of Youth,” he said.

He also called Tamil Nadu a great land of rich history and the oldest language.

“I am happy that this great initiative starts from here. In particular, Tamil Nadu is a great land rich in history, culture and heritage; it is a land of temples, Vedas and traditions. It is the state known for the oldest language,” Nadda said. aggregate.

He The president also emphasized the importance of channeling the energy of youth.

“It is our responsibility to channel the energy of youth, give due weight to people’s voices and collective wisdom, to become an integral part of a mature democracy by respecting each and every voice,” he said.

Nadda further called the National Air Sports Policy 2022 a significant step forward.

“The National Air Sports Policy 2022 is another important thing. It sets the vision of making India a leading sporting nation by 2030 by providing a safe, affordable, accessible, enjoyable and sustainable air sports ecosystem in India,” he said. . saying.

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