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Proposal to discuss inflation by Congress MLA turned down

On the last day of 11th session of the Gujarat Assembly on Thursday, member of the Opposition Congress from Mahudha constituency, Indrajit Parmar, moved a proposal to discuss ways to control rising inflation but was turned down by a majority vote.

While the Congress members talked about rising prices of daily essentials making life difficult for common people, the ruling BJP members defended its policies and efforts to contain inflation.

Moving the proposal, Parmar said that a number of unions of government employees have been protesting in Gandhinagar and that it was due to rising inflation that everybody is facing difficulty in running their households.

Leader of Opposition Sukhram Rathva said that women from rural areas are hit the most due to price rise and tax on such essential items, including milk products. Rathva added that this price rise, however, does not percolate to the milk producers.

Congress MLA Geniben Thakor said that it was due to rising inflation that crime rate has gone up in the state, while Dariapur MLA Gyasuddin Shaikh said that people have been forced to transfer their children from private schools to government schools.

The BJP members defended the government while hailing its efforts to contain prices and for the welfare of the poor even during Covid-19 pandemic. Senior BJP member Babu Bokhiriya said that while prices have gone up, so did people’s income.

Food & Civil Supply Minister Naresh Patel said that the price rise is not as steep as the opposition was making out it to be. He added that the government has been taking effective steps to control prices.

The proposal was put on vote following which it was turned down by majority vote.

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