Purposefully Repurposed Fashion

Levi’s is partnering with tennis star Naomi Osaka in a thoughtfully produced upcycled denim line. The new Levi’s x Naomi Osaka line will be made from vintage upcycled Levi’s denim and will draw inspiration from Osaka’s Japanese heritage. The line features two styles of denim shorts, a trucker jacket bustier, and a denim kimono.

The bustier is made by reworking trucker jackets into traditional corset shapes completed with a lace-up back. The line is sustainable and is deeply personal. Osaka’s denim kimono design is reminiscent of her love of wearing kimonos as a kid. The line has equally helped Naomi Osaka reclaim her right to be a ‘normal’ person – and not a superhuman athlete.

This is Levi’s second time collaborating with Osaka, who they see as a “powerful young voice.”

Image Credit: Levi’s x Naomi Osaka

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