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Home Politics Putin: Protests and coronavirus show U.S. ‘internal crises’

Putin: Protests and coronavirus show U.S. ‘internal crises’

Russia has registered around 529,000 cases, the third highest in the world and around the quarter of the size of the U.S. outbreak. It has recorded just under 7,000 deaths from Covid-19 but there are suspicions that this is a gross underestimate. Moscow has also been accused by the EU of promoting disinformation on the pandemic.

In the interview, Putin went on to knock President Donald Trump’s leadership and authority.

“I think the problem is that group interests, party interests are put higher than the interests of the whole of society and the interests of the people [in the U.S.],” Putin said.

“The president says we need to do such-and-such but the governor somewhere tells him where to go,” he said. By contrast, in Russia, Putin continued, “I doubt anyone in the government or the regions would say ‘we’re not going to do what the government says, what the president says, we think it’s wrong’.”

Putin also criticized the violent turn of some of the U.S. protests: “If this fight for natural rights, legal rights, turns into mayhem and rioting, I see nothing good for the country,”

Also on Sunday, the RIA news agency quoted Putin predicting that Russia would have the technology to counteract hypersonic weapons by the time such weapons are developed by major powers, according to Reuters. Hypersonic weapons are a key front in the U.S.-Russia arms race, according to Reuters.

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