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Qatar Airways announces expansion of flights to US

Jan 22, 2021

Qatar Airways announced Thursday an expansion of its flight services to several American destinations.

The Doha-based airline plans to resume flights to Seattle on Jan. 29 and Atlanta on June 1. Qatar also plans to increase its weekly flights to Dallas and Chicago and daily ones to Houston in March. It plans to up its weekly flights to Miami and daily flights to San Francisco in July, according to a press release.

Qatar Airways’ flight network is now relatively close to full capacity amid the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, which has wreaked havoc on global air travel. In October, Qatar Airways reached 100 destinations. At one point last year, the airline was down to only 30 destinations. It claims to be the “largest airline to have flown consistently throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.” 

Qatar Airways also recently announced the resumption of flights to Saudi Arabia and Egypt. This follows the end of the Gulf diplomatic crisis.

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