Queen Elizabeth Gets Her Own Barbie

Queen Elizabeth is getting dolled up ― literally.

That’s because a Barbie modeled after her is hitting the market on April 21 to honor her 96th birthday and her status as Britain’s longest-reigning monarch.

The $75 Barbie will be sold by Amazon, Walmart, Target and Mattel, but sadly, it doesn’t appear as if Mattel is making a Barbie’s Dreamhouse modeled after Buckingham Palace.

The mini version of the queen comes complete with crown jewels and little medallions on her riband. The doll’s tiara is based on Queen Mary’s fringe tiara, and the little medallions are the Royal Family Orders.

The doll’s gown is inspired by one that the queen has favored in royal portraits of herself.

But Queen Elizabeth isn’t the first queen to inspire a Barbie. Last year, Lucille Ball, the “Queen of Comedy,” got her own Barbie tribute.

Queen Elizabeth has inspired her own Barbie.

Petra Rajnicova for Mattel

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