Queen slams ‘irritating’ world leaders who talk but don’t deliver on climate change

Queen Elizabeth II has been caught on a hot mic expressing her annoyance at world leaders who grandstand but don’t deliver on climate change.

In a conversation with the Duchess of Cornwall and Elin Jones, presiding officer of the Welsh parliament, the queen criticized “irritating” leaders for not walking the talk on climate change ahead of the imminent COP26 climate summit in Scotland.

“I’ve been hearing all about COP,” the queen said. “Still don’t know who is coming. No idea. It’s really irritating when they talk, but they don’t do.”

Jones replied: “Exactly. It’s a time for doing … and watching your grandson [Prince William] on the television this morning saying there’s no point going to space, we need to save the Earth.”

COP26 will start in Glasgow on October 31, with the queen scheduled to attend.

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