Rachel Dean’s Big Ask: BBC NI’s Vinny Hurrell on how losing his friend Nuala to suicide changed his perspective

In this week’s interview Rachel Dean talks to Vinny Hurrell (38), a BBC radio and television producer and presenter. He lives in north Belfast with his fiance.

Q. Tell us about your childhood.

A. I grew up in Randalstown with my mum and dad and my two sisters and two brothers. Donna is my eldest sister, although she loves the fact that she looks the youngest of us all now. Then there’s my sister Emma – she was always the wild child – and then there’s my brother Donal, who is just a year younger than me. Although we fought the bit out when we were young, we were close friends growing up. Then there’s my little brother Patrick, the wee surprise that came along and turned everything on its head. He was born when I was about 11.

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