Rachel Maddow Undergoes Surgery For Skin Cancer

Rachel Maddow announced Wednesday she’d undergone surgery for skin cancer, saying she was going to be “totally fine.”

“They got it, they got all of it, I’m good, I have clear margins on the whole thing,” the MSNBC anchor said of the treatment she received at NYU Langone on Friday. “I am going to be absolutely fine, I’m going to be totally fine,” Maddow added. “But that is why I have a band-aid.”

Maddow said she visited a dermatologist after her partner, Susan Mikula, noticed a change in a mole on her neck while attending a baseball game.

And she said she wanted to use her own diagnosis to encourage others to get regularly checked, noting how “even the most worrying” skin cancers are now treatable if spotted early.

“Only by the grace of Susan that I found mine in enough time that it was totally treatable,” she said.

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