Rapper-Approved Unisex Nail Polishes

Rap superstar Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) launches a hotly anticipated and gender-breaking unisex nail polish line called UN/DN in partnership with Unlisted Brand Line. Conforming with MGK’s personal philosophy, the unisex nail polish line is an attempt to capitalize on and continue in the deconstruction of gender stereotypes.

Judging from the nail polish colors attached to the launch of his album ‘Tickets to my Downfall,’ consumers can expect full-bodied, definitive colors that make a statement.

While the rap scene is not generally known for its gender inclusivity, this product reveal is indicative of shifting norms and changing consumer attitudes. Machine Gun Kelly’s possibly limited-edition unisex nail polish brand is set to launch in the fall of 2021.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed, Instagram, Machine Gun Kelly

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