Rawalpindi blast: CTD issues initial investigation report

RAWALPINDI: The Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) on Saturday issued an initial investigation report about the Friday blast in Rawalpindi, which killed one person and injured 10.

According to a CTD spokesperson, the blast occurred at 8:43pm near the city’s Koyla Center, Saddar. An IED was used in the blast. It was placed near an electric pole. It made a crater in the ground after explosion.

There was no evidence of ball-bearings found in the initial investigation, the spokesperson said.

Two carts and two motorcycles were destroyed in the explosion.

Rawalpindi police spokesman Sajjad ul Hassan had told AFP on Friday that no group had claimed responsibility for the attack. 

Hassan had described it as an attempt at “organised terrorism”.

Most shops had already been shut at the time of the blast.

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