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Report Says India Records 40 Cases of Delta Plus Variant, K’taka Detects First Mutant Infection

The Delta plus variant, a new mutant version of the Delta strain first detected in India, has been found in three states in the country. Twenty-one cases of the ‘Delta plus’ variant, considered highly infectious, have been reported in Maharashtra threatening to massively dent the state’s fight against the virus as experts warn that this variant may trigger a third wave of the pandemic in the state.

Kerala, Karnataka, and Madhya Pradesh, too, have reported cases of this deadlier variety. And even though, only about 200 confirmed infections have been detected across the globe, of which 30 are in India, fears remain that the virus mutant may wreak havoc in the near future.

Health experts have warned that the Delta Plus may unleash a third wave in the coming months, as it could possibly circumvent the body’s immune system. Experts in Maharashtra fear the new variant could trigger a third wave and warn that it could come earlier than predicted. The state, with the most reported cases of Delta+ variant is already preparing for a third wave.

“It is worrisome because we do not know enough about how it is going to behave from here. In the variants that we have seen, there have been some very different scenarios that have presented themselves,” Om Shrivastava, a member of the Maharashtra Task Force on Covid told NDTV. “We know that the delta wave in other parts of the world is very infectious and it spreads very rapidly and it can affect a multitude of people within a very short period of time,” Dr Shrivastava added.

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