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Retro Professional Athlete Sneakers

Nike has unveiled a new collection of sneakers under its Jordan Brand, the sub-brand collaboration with Michael Jordan, which will consist of retro Jordans. The ‘Spring 2022 Retro Collection’ looks back on the iconic career of Michael Jordan, and the sneakers that coincided with some of the professional’s milestone events.

This collection will feature Air Jordan 1, 3, 4, and 5, but will not feature Air Jordan 2. The sneakers in this collection are inspired by the original designs that the first model of each Air Jordan iteration had, though this 2022 Retro Collection comes with a twist. The colors are altered for a modern style and the designs of the sneakers are full of references and nods that fans of Michael Jordan are sure to understand. For example, these references would be nods to specific sporting events, previous style iterations, or landmark events for Jordan Brand.

Image Credit: Nike

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