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RPF officer saves minor girl from falling between platform and moving train. Watch video

Vigilant officers of the Railway Protection Force (RPF) are often seen promptly saving passengers who fall between platforms or before moving trains. Several videos showing RPF officers averting grave tragedies with their prompt action can often be spotted on social media while internet users demand an improvement of the existing railway infrastructure.

In a similar incident, a minor girl was saved from getting crushed under the wheels of a wagon, thanks to the swift action of an RPF officer. The clip shared by RPF India on Twitter shows the RPF officer standing on the platform while the train passes by. A girl is seen running to board the train but falls down as she attempts to get inside the door. Within a split second, the RPF officer is seen catching hold of the girl and bringing her to safety.

RPF India identified the officer as Head Constable Satheesh and the incident happened at Tirur railway station in Kerala’s Malapurram district. Sources said the incident happened on Friday at 5:30 pm.

“Alert #RPF Head Constable Satheesh acted swiftly and saved a minor girl from going under the wheels of train when she fell down while trying to board a running train at Tirur railway station. #MissionJeewanRaksha #LifeSavingAct #BeResponsible #BeSafe,” RPF India tweeted.

Since being shared on Friday, the clip has amassed more than 2,100 views on Twitter. The RPF officer earned plaudits online for his swift action. A user commented, “@RPF_INDIA I am proud of the honest jawans on duty.” Meanwhile, another user raised the demand to include automatic doors in suburban trains. The comment read, “Railways should focus on automatic door closure in suburban trains. Till that time, people will keep on falling! Please address the root cause! Mantri ji are you listening or still inaugurating Vande Bharat exp.”

Recently, a CCTV video showed a woman being rescued after she lost her balance while boarding a train in Uttar Pradesh’s Amethi. The ticket checker pulled her to the platform without failure and people rushed to the spot to help her.

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