Rum cake: A beautifully light cake for those important dinner parties

Cakes don’t just taste great in all their delicious forms, but they need to look the part too. We eat with our eyes and a decorated rum cake really does taste as good as it looks when coming out of the ring mould. Rum cake doesn’t use shots of rum, but a bit of rum essence just for the extra flavour punch. I’t tastes great with a cup of tea or coffee and is a real treat for those fancy dinner parties over the weekend.

Rum cake suggestions

This recipe deserves care with only folding in the ingredients instead of whisking so that it stays as light as possible. This is especailly important when adding the beaten egg whites. This cake might not have a lot of rum in it but you can easily add a rum-flavoured glaze or sauce. Grease the ring mould well and enjoy the results as it comes out as a beautiful treat. Sprinkle a generous amount of castor sugar over top or a simple glaze.

If you have a group of people coming over for a fancy dinner, serve them a fancy dessert for post-meal tea. Rum cake is as tasty as it sounds.

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