Russia-Ukraine war latest news: Macron tells Putin he is making a ‘major mistake’; Zelenskiy says defence lines holding against onslaught – live


While FMQs in the Scottish parliament this lunchtime has been dominated by domestic issues, there was inevitable discussion of the Ukraine crisis, Libby Brooks writes.

On the subject of refugees, Nicola Sturgeon told the Holyrood chamber that there was a “moral, humanitarian obligation” to help those fleeing the war, adding that she wanted to “appeal directly to the prime minister to follow the example of the European Union and allow anyone fleeing the horror of Ukraine entry to the UK if they wish and deal with the paperwork later”.

Sturgeon also pledged action on oligarchs in Scotland, after the Scottish Green MSP Ross Greer challenged her about Vladimir Lisin, a close associate of Putin who has received hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of agricultural subsidies for his 1,210 hectare (3,000 acre) estate in Scotland.

Sturgeon said there would be an immediate review of such schemes, adding:

I have sought urgent advice on the maximum possible action the Scottish government can take against individuals or entities identifying as having close links with the Russian regime … including ending support from the public purse and freezing assets.

She said her government was also writing to Scottish businesses encouraging them to review and sever links with Russia.


Second round of Ukraine-Russia talks begin


A Canadian-Israeli ice hockey player has described his harrowing escape from Ukraine, as foreign athletes in both Ukraine and Russia face life-threatening decisions over whether to stay or go.

Eliezer Sherbatov was with his team, HC Mariupol, of the Ukrainian Hockey League, in the Donetsk region last week preparing for a game against Kramatorsk when a bomb exploded outside their hotel.

“At 5am, I’m sleeping and hear: ‘Boom!’ You never hear that strong of a sound,” Sherbatov told TSN. “And it starts shaking, everything is shaking. So, a couple of metres away, the war started.”

Sherbatov said the team’s coach called a meeting at breakfast, where he explained: “Guys – the war has started. It’s unfortunate, but I would suggest you to stay put as a team. But if you choose to leave, it’s your decision.’”




Macron tells Putin he is making ‘major mistake’ in Ukraine


Ukrainian negotiators arrive for talks with Russian side in Belarus, says Russian news agency


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