Russia-Ukraine war latest news: ‘We are all dealing with a terrorist state,’ says Zelenskiy; Biden plans fresh Russian trade crackdown – live

Over the past two days, we have already evacuated around 100,000 people through humanitarian corridors. However Mariupol, Volnovakha remain entirely blocked. Even though we did everything to organise a humanitarian corridor, Russian troops did not stop shelling. Despite that, I decided to send a convoy of cargo [trucks] for Mariupol with food water, and medication.

I’m thankful to all drivers, brave people who were ready to fulfill this mission. An important mission. However, the invaders began a tank attack on the place where that corridor was supposed to take place. A corridor of life for Mariupol.

They did it deliberately, they knew what they were blowing up, they have an order to keep the city a hostage, abuse it and bomb it constantly, and shell it. Today they destroyed the building of the main directorate of the state emergency service in Donetsk oblast. The meeting spot for people waiting for evacuation was next to that building. It’s open terrorism from experienced terrorists.

The world must know it. The world must acknowledge it. We are all dealing with a terrorist state. Whatever happens, we will keep trying to deliver humanitarian aid to Mariupol that its people are in dire need of. Our people, Ukrainians. Invaders do everything to deceive out people in the blocked cities.

They block communication, don’t give information, the state is doing everything to help the city to let Mariupol residents know: We are fighting. We won’t stop the fight. If you have an opportunity to talk to people in Mariupol, to write to them, remind them that Ukraine is wholeheartedly with them and is doing everything to stop the torture of the city.

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