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Russian Black Sea commander shown after Ukraine said it killed him

State media also reported Sokolov attending the meeting virtually, although they did not say exactly when the meeting took place.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov twice refused to answer questions about Sokolov at his daily briefing with foreign journalists, instead directing questions to the Defense Ministry.

Kiev provided no evidence for the claim that he had killed the fleet commander, which would make Sokolov one of the most notable losses among Russia’s top military commanders since the war began.

Sokolov has led the fleet since August last year, the result of a major reorganization following the sinking of his flagship Moskva.

Viktor Sokolov. Sergei Malgávko / Zuma Press

He rose through a series of positions in the Pacific and Northern fleets, serving as deputy commander in the latter, according to Russian state media.

As of 2020 he headed a prestigious military academy before taking command of the Black Sea Fleet.

The port of Sevastopol is the main base of the fleet, which has been used to launch attacks in Ukraine.

kyiv has been waging its own campaign of attacks against Russian targets, increasingly attacking the annexed Crimean peninsula.

Shortly after Friday’s missile attack, Moscow said one of its service members had been killed and that its defenses intercepted five missiles. It was later updated to say the soldier was missing.

During the meeting posted on Tuesday, Shoigu gave an update on The invasion of Russia and the creation of eight new military training centers to accelerate the entry of new recruits into the armed forces.

He also said kyiv’s counteroffensive on the battlefield was failing. “The Ukrainian armed forces are suffering serious losses along the entire front line,” Shoigu said.

Russian bombing of key infrastructure continued, with strikes in ports and agricultural centers on Monday night, Ukraine said.

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