Sanjay Kapoor candidly opens up about his feelings surrounding quarantine

Sanjay Kapoor candidly opens up about his feelings surrounding quarantine

With many countries slowly opening up schools and colleges following a decline in COVID-19 cases, there are still some developing countries that are unable to flatten the curve at the moment. For those who are still in quarantine, Sanjay Kapoor offers his words of wisdom on dealing with this pandemic head on.

“You need to basically accept it” the actor begins by telling Hindustan Times, after all “frustration isn’t going to solve this thing.”

“Make the most of this time. That’s what I’ve been doing. I’m a patient guy, and because of my personality, I understand the situation. I’m fortunate I’ve got my children with me, and I’m spending time with them at this age.”

Sanjay went on to say, “Now it’s still better. But initially when the grocery guy used to come and drop anything, aisa lagta tha lottery lag gayi/ We, among our friends, discuss ‘arre mujhe yeh mil gaya, tujhe woh mila?’ It’s like any other normal person getting excited with these things. You have moments where you want a little freedom however, and you want to go out.”

He also claimed, “I’m missing work. I feel at times, the creative satisfaction is missing. I was in such a good space, that’s taken a pause. The film industry will be the last one to begin work again. Unless we’re making (something) like the show Money Heist, we can’t shoot with a mask on.”

In regards to how his work life might change after all restrictions are lifted, Kapoor claimed that social distancing will be a tough thing to practice because “you’re so close to other actors, whether it’s a dining room scene with eight people, or an action scene. Everybody is blank (about when shoots will begin). I don’t think anybody knows kya hone wala hai, kaise karenge. We keep hearing there’ll be smaller units, make-up people will use disposable things. But I really don’t know, till a vaccine comes out. The whole unit can wear a mask, but what do actors do?”

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