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‘Senior prank gone wrong’ occurs at Culver High School, confirmed by Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office – KTVZ

(Update: adding video, more info from the sheriff, anonymous sources)

CULVER, Ore. (KTVZ) — An elaborate senior prank at Culver High School last week has sent a few ripples through the Class of 2023. An upset parent initially contacted NewsChannel 21 after learning about what transpired that night from of his son.

A washer and dryer in front of the school on Thursday morning were leftovers from a recent prank at the school, which has about 200 students.

The district acknowledged that seniors were responsible for a series of pranks on Thursday, May 18.

Students allegedly covered hallways and classrooms with TP (toilet paper), which could be easily cleaned.

But other jokes seem to have left more of an impression.

A woman who claims to be a teacher in the district told us Thursday that students left graffiti including anti-gay slurs, racist language and swastikas on several cars in the school parking lot.

He went on to say that a school official allowing this type of behavior was a “slap in the face to all teachers.”

We hear from another woman who says she works at the district office and had her car totaled during last year’s prank.

She said she plans to file a lawsuit to recover damages.

On Thursday morning, I was there when the students arrived at school. A senior told me that he was in on the pranks.

I also went to the district office to speak with Superintendent Stefanie Garber, who did not want to go on camera.

Garber told us that no high-level officials let students into the building the night of the pranks. She said that she and other district officials were at a school board meeting when the pranks occurred.

Jefferson County Sheriff Jason Pollock told us via text that the pranks seemed planned in advance with the help of a school staff member.

The sheriff later indicated in a phone call that it may have been a “high-ranking” district official who gave the students access to the building.

The superintendent says she is contacting the sheriff’s office for clarification and believes the seniors entered the building taking the keys from a staff member.

The caller who claims to be a teacher in the district told us that much more happened that night than has been reported thus far.

No one wanted to go on camera to talk about the pranks or the consequences for the district.

If you know any details about what happened that night, we encourage you to contact our newsroom at (541) 383-2121 or the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office at (541) 475-6520.

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