Several Dead in Copenhagen Mall Shooting, Police Say

Several people were killed and wounded in a shooting at a mall in Copenhagen on Sunday, the local police said.

Soren Thomassen of the Copenhagen police did not elaborate on how many people had been killed, and he declined to offer any details about a motive, saying it was too early. Information about the conditions of those wounded was not made available.

He said the police had taken a 22-year-old Dane into custody in connection with the shooting. The police said they had not ruled out the possibility that more than one person was involved in the gunfire.

“We have several dead and injured,” Mr. Thomassen said at a news conference at the police headquarters that was briefly punctuated by sirens in the background.

“As you can clearly hear, it’s busy,” he said. “What happens in a tragic event is that we go in on many fronts.”

The shooting happened at Field’s, the largest shopping center in Denmark.

Video and images posted on social media showed people sprinting out of the mall and ambulances lining its exterior. Armed police officers were running near the mall and a helicopter hovered overhead.

A mall employee told a local news outlet that “masses of people” had run to seek shelter in the Kentucky Fried Chicken at Field’s. Staff members barricaded the doors and remained there for about 45 minutes, the employee said.

An eyewitness, Mahdi Al-Wazni, told TV 2 News that he had seen the gunman.

“He seemed violent and angry, and he was shouting as he ran and took the gun and smashed the windows,” he said. “You’d think it was an action movie as he walked. He seemed very proud of what he did, I could tell.”

Other eyewitnesses described scenes of panic and of employees helping shoppers flee through the back rooms of stores.

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