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Sharad Malhotra, Jasmin Bhasin and other TV celebs condemn rape threats against Ekta Kapoor


From Iqbal Khan, Sharad Malhotra to Jasmin Bhasin, celebrities have extended their support to Ekta and slammed trolls.

TV producer Ekta Kapoor is being subjected to rape and death threats on social media for a controversial scene that has now been deleted from her web-series Triple X-2. After Bigg Boss 13 contestant Vishal Pathak aka Hindustani Bhau lodged a police complaint, an FIR has also been filed against her in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. However, despite the removal of scene from the web show, the producer continues to be the target of troll, who are hurling abuses at her and even giving her rape and death threats. Hindustani Bhau claims getting calls after his police complaint against Ekta Kapoor

Seeing the unnecessary hatred, not only her fans but TV celebrities have also come out in Ekta’s support. From Iqbal Khan, Sharad Malhotra to Jasmin Bhasin, celebrities have called the trolling and threats “unacceptable”, 

Police complaint against Ekta Kapoor’s ‘Triple X-2’ web series

Calling trolls “a bunch of losers”, TV actor Iqbal Khan said in a statement to Hindustan Times, “I know how it affects an individual at times. Even when you make up your mind to stay away from such negative things. Social media is full of these keyboard soldiers, who don’t have the guts to come out in the open and they prefer hurling abuses at people from their hideouts. They are simply a bunch of losers”.

He further adds, “Ekta is a very strong-headed woman. She’s somebody who has been there for a very long time. She has become what she is at a time when it was still a man’s word. I’m sure she’s going come out of this. If there’s some kind of an issue that needs to be sorted, it can be done without getting abusive. That’s how it should be.” 

Sharad Malhotra says that it’s just not right to judge her basis on one incident. Calling the threats unacceptable, the actor said,“Trusting her creative sensibilities and vision, it would be very harsh to judge her on one incident that unfortunately has not gone down too well with the viewers. Yes, if there’s an issue, it needs to be dealt and sorted out amicably and maturely. Threats of any kind are completely unacceptable”.

Jasmin Bhasin, who has worked in Ekta’s Naagin said that threatening anyone is not a solution. “Ekta’s TV shows and films have been winning hearts for so many years now. Just because of one incident, we should not judge someone. Also, threatening anyone for anything is just not the solution. Ekta has been a fantastic producer and content creator. Things should be sorted peacefully,” she said.

Though actors Saumya Tandon and Shweta Basu Prasad admitted of not having a proper idea about the incident, they stood in support of the producer.

“It’s a free world, if you do not like any content, you can wish to reject it. We’re in a civilised society, this is no way to react to any kind of creative work anybody has done. If you don’t like it, it is totally your right to reject it. These kind of threats are something completely appalling and unacceptable,” Saumya Tandon said.

Shweta Basu Prasad said, “It’s wrong, you are not the law, and cannot give threats to anybody. Even if it’s a woman or man. On a human level, of course one should not say anything which supersedes the law.”

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