Shatner says ‘something else’ is out there

If anyone knows about aliens, it’s this guy (Getty)

Star Trek legend William Shatner has revealed he reckons that ‘something else’ is out there – watching us from ‘another realm’.

The 89-year-old, who starred as Captain James T Kirk of the starship Enterprise in the original Star Trek – which ran for three series between 1966 to 1969 – said there was ‘growing evidence’ of other ‘realms’ of life.

Speaking recently, he said: ‘I’ve always believed that something lies beyond our existence and understanding…another realm.

‘I’m not talking about heaven and hell, or matters of faith and belief, but rather the growing evidence we are accumulating that points more and more to a frustratingly elusive ‘something else’ out there.’

The actor said he had always been interested in the ‘unexplained’ – even before landing the role of Captain Kirk.

He said: ‘I was interested in the unexplained before I ever played Captain Kirk.’

Asked about his own mortality, he said he wasn’t scared of dying – but said he didn’t know which ‘realm’ he would be heading to.

Shatner first appeared on screen as Captain Kirk in 1966 (Picture: Rex)

‘It really isn’t something that holds any great fear for me, whatever ‘other realm’ I may or may not end up in.’

Worth an estimated £80m, the acting icon also said he had never watched a single episode of Stark Trek, T J Hooker or Boston Legal – his three most famous roles – or The Big Bang Theory, which he made a guest appearance on last year.

He said: ‘When I talk to fans, many are amazed they know far more than I remember about what Kirk did in such-and-such an episode.

‘I just never enjoyed watching hourly or half-hourly TV as an actor and it still doesn’t appeal.’

He said last week in a separate interview: ‘I haven’t watched any Star Trek – I just don’t like watching myself on television.’

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