Shweta Tiwari posts cryptic message as husband Abhinav Kohli targets her, daughter with WhatsApp screenshot


Shweta Tiwari has indirectly denied Abhinav Kohli’s claims on many occasions.

TV actress Shweta Tiwari came up with a cryptic message after husband Abhinav Kohli’s targetted her and her daughter Palak Tiwari with a Whatsapp screenshot. “As long as the people who matter most know the truth, I don’t care about the rest. Get some sleep,” Shweta highlighted the text from a Kindle screenshot in her Instagram story. This looks cryptic in response to Abhinav’s frequent posts trying to prove that he and Shweta are back in a relationship and living together.

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Shweta Tiwari shared a Kindle screenshot in her Instagram story.

All this began when Abhinav told a website that he and Shweta are back together but the TV actress denied the development. After this, Abhinav shared several posts on Instagram questioning the TV actress and her daughter. Sharing a screenshot of Palak Tiwari’s Instagram post, he wrote, “Lovu why would you delete this post from your Instagram?”

Last year, Shweta and Palak had filed a complaint of domestic abuse against Abhinav. However, Abhinav claimed in an interview that everything is normal. Recently, he shared a screenshot of his chat with Shweta where the two can be seen talking about the daily household chores just like husband and wife.

“I read a few news articles today it is not @shweta.tiwari who has made the complaint. She has not even one complaint of domestic violence against me nor a single complaint of me speaking badly to her daughter against me in the last 12 years that I know her. On the 11th August 2019 she did not complain and the complaint has been read out by DCP Sahab on the same day which is on the internet,” he wrote on Instagram earlier.


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