Sky News Journalists Share Video Of Violent Ambush In Ukraine

Harrowing footage shows the moment Sky News journalists came under fire from Russian forces in Ukraine earlier this week.

Veteran Sky News foreign correspondent Stuart Ramsay and his team of four others were attacked Monday while driving in a vehicle near the capital of Kyiv. Video shows the moment the team’s car was fired upon.

The attackers were Russian saboteurs targeting fleeing civilians, Ramsay reported.

“It’s a professional ambush,” Ramsay says in narration over the video. “The bullets just don’t miss.”

As the car takes fire, the journalists make a run for it down an embankment.

Camera operator Richie Mockler, who continued to film even as bullets pierced the vehicle he was in, took two rounds to his body armor. All five journalists were able to make their escape and are back in the U.K.

“We were lucky,” Ramsay says in the video. “Thousands of Ukrainians are not. And every day, this war gets worse here.”

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