SkyView stargazing app review: locate stars and planets with your smartphone

SkyView, a lightweight stargazing app, has been available for over ten years and has had many upgrades leading to the current version: 3.6.1. Currently available on iOS and Android, there are free and paid-for versions of the app, which offer slightly different functionality.

Here at, we’ve been using SkyView since 2015. Overall, we find it’s excellent for locating specific stars, planets, and nebulae when compared to standard planispheres. Like Star Walk 2 (opens in new tab), it’s one of the cheaper options available – and while it might not top our list of the best stargazing apps, it’s still a great little tool for amateur astronomers.

SkyView stargazing app review: Functionality

(Image credit: Future)
  • The app is easy to get started
  • Ambient music may frustrate regular observers
  • Extremely accurate once smartphone’s compass has been aligned

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