Social media condemns attack on Dr Yasmin Rashid | The Express Tribune

    As tensions between Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI) workers and police flared in Lahore on Wednesday, PTI leader Dr Yasmin Rashid was stopped by law enforcement personnel who attacked her vehicle and attempted to detain her.

    The video, which went viral on social media, received harsh criticism from the general public that claimed the police were using unnecessary force to impede the march. With “iron lady” trending on Twitter, members of the public have applauded Dr Rashid’s “bravery” in light of what many are deeming to be acts of “police brutality”.


    Lawyer and activist, Jibran Nasir stated that while one may be opposed to the political views of Dr Rashid, the former health minister of Punjab has always served as a symbol of courage.

    “Dr Yasmin was attacked in typical Gullo Butt fashion,” he added.

    The PTI’s official page claimed that the “imported government” was “scared of a 70-year-old woman!”

    The video prompted backlash from members of the media as well. Junaid Muhammad a reporter and anchor expressed his disappointment in Punjab police, “why not deal with her according to the law?” he questioned.

    Adil Shahzeb, a television host, requested the incumbent government to refrain from arresting Dr Rashid, who is a cancer patient undergoing treatment.

    Comedian Shehzad Ghias equated the police’s actions to “thuggery” adding that the “Gullu Butt politics need to end!”

    Historian and activist Ammar Ali Jan also condemned the actions of the police, “treatment meted out to her is absolutely shameful and will be etched in our memory as an act of gangsterism.” The political activist also called for the end of the “illegal crackdown on protesters.”

    Barrister and academic Asad Rahim Khan called the visuals of Dr Yasmin Rashid “haunting”.

    In response to the heightening political temperature, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan expressed deep concern at the “highhandedness of law enforcement agencies in disrupting the march.” The HRCP labeled the acts of the police as an “overreaction” of the state, claiming it triggered more violence on the streets.

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