Socialite Loungewear Campaigns

Recreating an iconic memory from the 2000s, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian have joined forces to model the Kardashian-owned Skims loungewear.

Kardashian was famously Hilton’s personal assistant before rising to fame by the end of the decade.The pair were the frequent subject of paparazzi photos, and have created a campaign that’s reminiscent of those moments in pop culture history. The paparazzi-style photos see Kardashian and Hilton outside of a convenience store, and leaving an underground parking lot wearing matching tracksuit sets. Their looks further the notion of an early 2000s aesthetic with large sunglasses, and metallic Louis Vuitton bags.

The unique campaign is promoting the latest collection from Skims Loungewear, which has been dubbed ‘Velour.’

Image Credit: Skims

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