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Sonu Sood’s response to crazy requests made by fans prove he is full of wit


Here we have compiled for you some crazy requests by fans and the hilarious response it got from Sonu Sood.

Sonu Sood is not just winning hearts by helping stranded migrants workers reach their home but also with his quirky replies. The actor is getting a lot of crazy requests on Twitter and the way he is handling them is pretty awesome. While one is asking Sonu’s help in meeting his girlfriend, another is requesting him to help reach beauty parlour. And guess what, the actor is responding to everyone with a smile. Talking about his witty replies on Twitter, the actor told PTI, “This kind of banter on Twitter will keep people entertained”. Sonu’s philanthropic work has also triggered memes and cartoons on social media. 

Here we have compiled for you some crazy requests by fans and the hilarious response they got from Sonu Sood.

Lately, a man asked for the actor’s help as he wanted to elope with his girlfriend amid the coronavirus pandemic. The user wrote, “Bhai.. Mujhe bhi kahi chhod do.. Girlfriend ke sath Bhagnaa hai!! Andman nicobar hi chhod do bhai (Please drop me somewhere. I need to elope with my girlfriend, you can drop me at Andaman Nicobar islandds too)!!”

The Bollywood actor was quick to reply with a “better idea”, saying: “Mere paas isase behtar idea hai. Kyu na aap dono ke saath aap dono ke parivaar ko bhi bhej doon? Chat mangni aur pat byaah? (Why don’t I send your family members with you too, you guys can easily get married then).”

When a user said he is having a lot of fights with his wife and they are on the verge of getting a divorce, Sonu promised them a dinner date.

“SonuSood dear sir I m in Assam Guwhati Want to go haryana rewari my own town no work after lockdown suffering with so many issue even fighting with wife now both decide to take divorce pls mange and send me from Guwhati to Delhi I would be thankful for whole life,” the user said in a tweet.

The Dabangg actor replied to him, “Hey.. pls don’t fight Don’t let the tough times affect this precious bond. I promise to take u both out for dinner and will speak to you Tom on a video call too. But only if u promise to stay together.”

When the cyclone Nisarga hit Mumbai, several shocking videos and pictures made it to the internet. Amongst them, a meme featuring Sonu Sood went viral, which had text written, “Sonu Sood waiting for #CycloneNisarg so that he can send it back home.”

Sonu re-tweeted the meme and wrote, “Isko bhi chhod kar aata hoon (Let me help this return home too)”.

The actor received a cute request on Twitter in which a little girl was seen asking him if he can send her mother to her grandmother’s house because her father is saying so. In the video, the girl says, “Sonu Uncle… I’ve heard you are sending people home. So, Papa is asking, will you be able to send Mumma to Nani house? Let me know.” She even winks at the end. The video was captioned as, “Very Very Urgent Demand @SonuSood ,So Kindly Notice And Please Fulfill The Same !!!!”

Reacting to the tweet, Sonu Sood wrote, “Now this is something very challenging. Will try my best.” 

There was also a request by a fan who asked the actor to help her reach beauty parlour. “@SonuSood can u pls help me 2 and half months se mene parlour nahi visit kiya, pls help me muje salon pohcha dijiye (I have not visited a parlour for two-and-a-half months, please help me reach a salon). just kidding u r a real hero (nayak) god bless u,” she wrote.

To which, Sonu Sood replied,  “Salon jaa kar kya karoge? Salon wale ko toh main uske gaon chhod ke aa gaya. Uske peeche-peeche uske gaon jaana hai toh bolo (What will you go to the salon for? I have sent the salon employees to their villages. If you want to follow them to their village, let me know).

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Sonu Sood

With Sonu Sood replying to so many asking for help, a Twitter user decided to try his luck and asked: “Sonu bhai, I’m stuck in my house. Help me reach a liquor shop.”

The actor came up with a hilarious reply, saying: “Bhai, I can help you return home from the shop. Let me know if you need that.”

A man even asked Sonu to help arrange transport so that he could meet his girlfriend. “Bhaiya, girlfriend se hi milwa dijiye. Bihar hi jaana hai.(Brother, help me meet my girlfriend, I too want to go to Bihar),” the user tweeted.

Sonu replied, “Thode din door reh ke dekh le bhai, sache pyaar ki pareeksha bhi ho jayegi (Spend some time apart and see brother, it will also be a test of your true love).

Meanwhile, Sonu dismissed all the reports claiming that he was stopped from entering a railway station in Mumbai.

“Just to set the record straight – I was not stopped from entering the station. I absolutely respect the protocols and have duly followed it. I had requested the state government for the train so that I could send the migrants back home to reunite them with their families,” Sonu tweeted.

“As there were almost two thousand people. I am extremely thankful to the state govt, Hon. CM Uddhav Thackeray ji @CMOMaharashtra @AUThackeray @AslamShaikh_MLA for helping me bring a smile on the faces of all migrants! Jai Hind,” he added.

Talking to PTI about the same, he said, “I have nothing to do with politics. I am doing this purely out of my love for migrants. I want to help reunite them with their families”.

“This is for the first time that I was stopped but that’s ok. I was stopped by the RPF as they believed that the 2,000-2,500 migrants who were there may get too excited to see me and things may go out of control. They told me not to meet them personally. I understand the protocol and I followed it,” he added.

Besides arranging buses for migrants, the actor also arranged flights for the migrants back to their home states in Assam, Odisha and Uttarakhand.

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