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Sophie Choudry opens up about her mental health struggles on Instagram

Known for her up-beat social media persona, actress and singer Sophie Choudry had a different type of message to share with her followers yesterday. Posting a portrait of herself in a white shirt on Instagram, she reflected on her mental health struggles over the past few weeks. This comes after actor, Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide on June 14, prompting a discussion among some Bollywood stars on mental health in the industry.

Choudry wrote, “These last few weeks have really taken their toll… feel like I wake up to bad news on a daily basis and even someone like me who preaches positivity, has been through the lowest of lows. Feels like everything around us is so heavy. Been heartbroken by what’s happening in the world, disappointed by a few people I care about.”

Reflecting of the results of the pandemic on her personal relationships she says, “This lockdown will teach you a lot about people and relationships. But I decided today that I will try to find the light again, within myself. That I will not allow darkness to get in. That regardless of what others do, I shall be kind, be hopeful, be me.”

Imparting wisdom to her followers who may also be going through a tough time, Chodry advises, “To all those struggling right now at this very difficult time, the light is within you… it dims now and again but it’s there… don’t lose hope because it lives inside you… Let hope be contagious.” Fitting advice for many of us who are facing uncertainty at the moment – we love the sentiment.

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